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Art/Painting of Artist Sulakshana Dharmadhikari, Maharashtra, India

About Visual Artist Sulakshana Dharmadhikari

Maharashtra, India

Solo Shows:

  • 2018 -  PN Gadgil Art Gallery, Pune
  • 2010 - Gallery Leela, Mumbai

Group Shows:

  • 2020 – Online Group show “Nature” by Gallery Veda, Chennai
  • 2020 - Online Show “Art Zest” for Round Table India by Banyan Art Gallery, Ludhiana Punjab
  • 2020 - Group Show by I Art Gallery, Bangalore
  • 2019-20 - GAAF @ Museum of Goa 
  • 2019 - Artist Center, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
  • 2019 - P.N.G. Art Gallery Happy Colony, Pune
  • 2019 - Art Time Cymroza Art Gallery, Breach Candy, Mumbai
  • 2019 - March Art Peepal at Welcome Art Gallery ITC, Sonar, Kolkata
  • 2019 - Tulsi Art Foundation Balgandharva, Pune 
  • 2019 - Society of Indian Marine Artist Balgandarva, Pune
  • 2019 - IAF Sponsored by Dolna Art Gallery Nehru Center, Mumbai
  • 2019 - Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Art Gallery, Bangalore
  • 2018 - Nehru Center Art Gallery, Warli, Mumbai
  • 2018 - Kumaraswamy Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2018 - Art Bit World Woman’s day 1st National Group Show Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery, Pune
  • 2018 - Khajuraho International Art Festival, M.P.
  • 2018 - Society of Indian Marin Artist Balgandrva, Pune
  • 2016 - Sea Scape by Sima Balgandharva, Pune
  • 2014 - Indian Art Collector, Chandigarh (Mojarto NDTV)
  • 2005 - Rama Art Gallery, Aurangabad
  • 2002 - Khushboo Art Gallery, Pune
  • 1998 - Shahu Smarak, Kolhapur

Freelancer Visual Artist Sulakshana Devidas Dharmadhikari, born in 1975, in Pune, Maharashtra, and completed her education in Digital Electronics. But as she has keen interest in painting since her childhood and this draws her attention to paintings. From the beginning, she had an interest in the emotions of a woman and the beauty of nature. She realized both things are related to each other. She took her primary lessons from various senior artists then equipped herself with different experiments. Today, she is working as a freelance artist for the last 13 years. Not only is she interested in Nature and emotions in human mankind but also in Buddha as well.

Artist's write-up for her paintings:
For nature paintings
Since ancient times, humans have always been inspired by Nature. Earlier, we lived very close to Nature in villages. Because of higher education, marriage, or better opportunities, people had to leave behind their hometown and settle in the cities' concrete jungle. However, we often feel the urge to get close to Nature. Sometimes we coax ourselves in telling everything is okay by traveling, writing poetry, and painting. Everything on this earth is made of the five elements. Humans are no exception. All the components in Nature, like colors, shapes, birds, animals, have always inspired me. Especially the flowers and the gracefully wandering butterflies. Their beautiful colors have always fascinated me. That is what I've tried to depict through my painting. I've chosen oil on canvas as my medium. Through this, I've been able to portray the softness of flowers, butterflies' flexibility, and the texture of leaves.

For monotone 

When we venture into our lives with baby steps initially and later running and juggling through life, we lose track of our life's mission or goal due to various obligations. Sometimes facing insurmountable difficulties, we lose hope. Suddenly there is a faint light blinking faintly at the end of the tunnel. 

We get inspired by that; light is called "Hope". This light is always beside us, though invisible, slowly nudging us to move forward, just one step at a time. This striking bit of light, hope, I tried to capture in my painting like blue, red, yellow in the backdrop of various shades is grey and black. Those colors are just a reminder that, however bleak the situation is, there is always hope.

Sulakshana Dharmadhikari ARTWORKS/PAINTING FOR SALE

₹ 113,400 ₹ 126,000(10%) Including GST

Night Bloom with Butterflies

Painting: Oil on Canvas
Art by: Sulakshana Dharmadhikari
Size: 30.0 X 54.0 inch (WxH)

₹ 22,680 ₹ 25,200(10%) Including GST


Painting: Oil on Canvas
Art by: Sulakshana Dharmadhikari
Size: 18.0 X 18.0 inch (WxH)

₹ 22,400 Including GST


Painting: Acrylic on Canvas
Art by: Sulakshana Dharmadhikari
Size: 12.0 X 12.0 inch (WxH)

₹ 22,400 Including GST


Painting: Acrylic on Canvas
Art by: Sulakshana Dharmadhikari
Size: 12.0 X 12.0 inch (WxH)


Lotus Pond 5

Painting: Oil on Canvas
Art by: Sulakshana Dharmadhikari
Size: 60.0 X 30.0 inch (WxH)

Flower with bird and butterfly-1

Painting: Oil on Canvas
Art by: Sulakshana Dharmadhikari
Size: 36.0 X 30.0 inch (WxH)

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