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Art/Painting of Artist Kaustav Jyoti Dasgupta, West Bengal, India

About Visual Artist Kaustav Jyoti Dasgupta

West Bengal, India

Exhibitions and Shows:

  • May 2009: Gymkhana Club, Darjeeling
  • September 2009 (SOLO): Hayden Hall, Darjeeling
  • May 2010: Hayden Hall, Darjeeling
  • September 2010: Hayden Hall, Darjeeling
  • May 2011: Hayden Hall, Darjeeling
  • September 2011: Mayfair Hotel, Darjeeling (Organised by Goodwill Center in collaboration with RUSSIA)
  • October, 2012                                                 : “Harpar” Serampore, W.B.
  • September 2013: Academy Of Fine Arts, Kolkata
  • 2014: Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai
  • 2015: AIIFACS, Delhi
  • 2016: Chitrakala Parishad, Bangaluru
  • 15TH August : “Harp” Serampore, W.B.
  • 2017 (Group Exhibition): Academy Of Fine Arts, Kolkata
  • 2017 Oct (SOLO): Lolitkala Akademi, Delhi

Kaustav Jyoti Dasgupta, self-taught artist, born 1975, Hooghly, West Bengal, India.

The vision of the Artist:

At present, I am working on the Ocean and some part of it has probed deeper into my thoughts in order to structure and restructure the same to attribute a more definite meaning to it. The vastness of the ocean, its depth, the changing of its colors and the feeling when it heavily strikes with all its vigor – all these memories of childhood have dragged me into a larger frame. A small handful of watery thoughts is becoming stronger gradually and is taking the shape of
a large wave. And all at once, there is a change of hues and attitudes. One can see some subtle stripes that are prominent in those waves. Those strips together are creating a shape, and Nature is transcending its creation through those lines on a higher transcendental plain. In those collections of strips, one can see different abstract shapes. As long as the waves become big and strong, the lines intimate themselves with the Vastness as if Triviality is hiding behind the Vastness.
In the next phase, there is a dismantling of the waves. There is the joy of Vastness hidden in that dismantling. In this game of dismantling of waves, the gradual turn of the dismantling from the smaller ones to the larger; the structure of the water and its different shapes, together create a multidimensional rhythm. And again, that rhythm creates another vastness in another rhythm out of it. It is a strange and secret process. Its structure, beauty and gracefulness, its movement and all the elements of imagism can be seen in it.
Many artists from different parts of the world have tried to think of the Ocean from different probing angles. And as an artist, I am trying to transcend it in a different elevated plain. My works and ideas emerged from the subtlety of the Ocean. For example – 
I. The vastness of the sea waves, from the beginning till the end, is a combination of pure colors and mixed colors.
II. The strips and the abstract visuals that are being created through the foams.
III. The cogitation, both the internal and external rhythmic beauty and the expression of the light and shades are seen when the waves strike vigorously.
IV. After the ultimate dismantling of the waves, there is an amalgamation of the foams and sands which creates an aesthetic sense and that is the subject of my work. Though the art critics think of my art to be a mere imitation which is a very old way procedure in itself. Still, I have tried to keep in mind the old techniques so as to produce a comic and rhythmic Romanization.
Medium and its Application:
Generally, I paint my works in oil colors which is a very ancient approach. I have used oil colors so that I can give a more vivid identity to the characteristics of Water. My purpose was to project the exact depth of the Water through colors. I have used oil colors as watercolors to project the ultimate characteristics of water i.e. dismantling so that the lightness of the Water can be best expressed. Even in the case of creating the Water, there is no simple way
that has been followed.
My Future Objectives:
I'll be trying to portray the ' just and lively ' portrait of the Ocean and the fine detailing of the Water. The beauty of the vigorous striking of the waves is just like a feeling as if one touches reality.

- Kaustav Jyoti Dasgupta


If you wish to capture the marvel moment of the waves splashing, but unfortunately miss some artistic touch to it or just the verbatim beauty of it, you might absolutely fall in love with these ultra-realistic oil paintings capturing the beauty of the fierceness of the waves and the serenity of the sea. These paintings do not just add to the overall class of your house but at the same time captivate the onlookers into it.

- Shashank Maurya


₹ 84,000 Including GST


Painting: Oil on Canvas
Art by: Kaustav Jyoti Dasgupta
Size: 30.0 X 36.0 inch (WxH)

₹ 156,800 Including GST


Painting: Oil on Canvas
Art by: Kaustav Jyoti Dasgupta
Size: 55.0 X 72.0 inch (WxH)

₹ 84,000 Including GST


Painting: Oil on Canvas
Art by: Kaustav Jyoti Dasgupta
Size: 36.0 X 30.0 inch (WxH)

₹ 140,000 Including GST


Painting: Oil on Canvas
Art by: Kaustav Jyoti Dasgupta
Size: 60.0 X 36.0 inch (WxH)

₹ 336,000 Including GST


Painting: Oil on Canvas
Art by: Kaustav Jyoti Dasgupta
Size: 72.0 X 55.0 inch (WxH)

₹ 156,800 Including GST


Painting: Oil on Canvas
Art by: Kaustav Jyoti Dasgupta
Size: 72.0 X 55.0 inch (WxH)

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