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Shipping and Packing

Team IndiGalleria shall pack the sold artwork where it will be picked up by the shippers of The Buyer pays for all the shipping charges (in promotion periods this may be waved as per discretion of from time to time), which means we may compliment the shipping charges and will pay for it. The piece(s) of art should be packed so as to protect them during shipment which is the responsibility of us. shall participate in the packing and shipping process, and is liable for any damages of any kind arising from the packing or shipment of any Art. Artwork shall be shipped within the deadline of 7 days set by If at the end of the 7 day period the artwork has not been shipped order for any reason which may be beyond our control the Order will be refunded to the buyer. If an order cannot be delivered to the address provided by the buyer and the artwork is returned to the order will be treated as a “return” and then the buyer will have to pay extra shipping charges to get the work delivered again.

Freight and Transportation

The buyer is responsible for the costs associated with all freight, shipping and other costs related to transporting the Art from until unless in a promotion period we are paying for the shipping charges.

Ownership Transfer

The Art shall be and remain the risk of the seller until it is shipped to the buyer, and thereafter the risk shall shift to the buyer.


Return Period

Unless otherwise stated under "Returns" for a particular piece of Art, a buyer within geographical boundaries of the Republic of India may return a piece of Art only if found as a damaged condition within seven (7) days after the date of buyer's receipt of such piece of Art (the "Return Period"). No returns will be accepted after such period. After marking the order as returned the buyer must intimate and we will have the order shipped back to the artist from the buyer within seven (7) days, if the return is not shipped within seven days it will be deemed as an order accepted and the order amount will be paid to the artist.

No Return

Art cannot be returned if ordered as Framed or in Custom size or if shipped / Delivery is outside India.

Return Process

If a buyer elects to return a piece of Art, the buyer must write to with the photographs of the damage and an email message specifying the details of the damage. We shall debit the seller for the Purchase Fees less any Insurance, packing, freight and transport fees associated with the buyer's purchase. Reimbursement shall be made by issuing a refund if payment to was made by Net Banking OR Swift or if by Cheque if payment was made accordingly. IndiaGalleria.Com may ask for Banking details / SWIFT details from buyer as the case may be when return process is initiated. Insurance, packing and shipping fees associated with the return of the returned piece of Art shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer, and shall have no obligation to reimburse the buyer for such amounts.

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