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What is an Abstract Art Paintings?


Abstract as the name suggests means to withdraw something from something. So an abstract art does not endeavor to convey any particular visual, rather the brush strokes, shapes and colors expresses the artist’s thoughts. But the best part of such paintings are that we can perceive it the way our emotional wisdom accepts it. Offering absolutely no constraints to our heart and soul, abstract art forms and styles have been loved worldwide. The Abstract art forms are the centered of modern paintings.




Famous Abstract Paintings:

Wassily Kandinsky – Composition X, 1939

Wassily Kandinsky Painting

Wassily Kandinsky a Russian painter and art theorist is popularly known as the early champion of abstract painting. His power in the world of art was magnanimous that he had co- founded phalanx an art group and The New Group of Artists where he had got the opportunity to organize many art exhibitions as an artist. His one of the 600 paintings which he had made in his entire career was sold at an auction price of $41.6 million in 2017.

His most noteworthy artwork was debatably ‘Composition X’. Composition X being the last in his series of Composition, was sought to bring about an end terminate these series where he had deeply investigated in the purity of expression and form. He has used the black color carefully in his preparation up to this point and so it has been criticized that this work is both reminiscent of the cosmos as well as the gloom of forewarning his nearing death.

Piet Mondrian- Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow, 1930

Piet Mondrian Painting

‘Composition II in Blue, Red, and Yellow’ marked subtle turning point for Piet Mondrian’s practice. He strived to achieve absolute abstraction and assumed that world-wide pureness could be conveyed through ‘Neo-Plasticism’, also known as the plastic arts. The balance he achieved in his works and writings on compositional harmony all with the goal of achieving a quietness in his works.

This famous abstract painting found itself as one of the iconic position in the latter half of the 20th century. The tiny yellow rectangles in the bottom of the painting, the big red squares, the blue meeting the red contrasting with the wide bold lines conveys that is more to what we understand with these simple colored shapes.

Joan Miro- Peinture (Etoile Bleue), 1927

Joan Miro Painting

‘Peinture (Etoile Bleue)’ was Joan Miro’s evolution between abstract and figurative art. He is popularly called as a surreal artist. ‘Peinture (Etoile Bleue)’ ran Sotheby’s Evening Sale of Impressionist & Modern Art in London and realized £23.5 million, creating more than three times the value it accomplished five years ago. This painting is one of the most significant paintings in Miro’s career. He influenced painters like Mark Rothko and Yves Klein with his notable and consistent work with scorching blue.

Fun and Interesting Facts about Abstract Art not everyone knows:

  1. The modern art form, abstract paintings does not represent objects from our daily life they are philosophies or theories by artists.
  2. Abstract art form became a dominant art style in the United States after the World war-II
  3. Some abstract paintings expresses the actions of painter
  4. Abstract art was dominated by masculine
  5. The Abstract style is also called as ‘American type painting’

Why to Buy Original Abstract Paintings?

Art market is a specialist market with its own dynamics, just like equity share market. A lot of collectors invest in emerging artist’s works, if they sense a spur in them, they know that today they are selling a piece of an abstract painting for a few hundreds but the same artwork will add a few zeros when they own a big name in the Art industry. This is absolutely interesting in itself. There is no other article of trade in the world that grows this way including the real estate business.

Remember if you buy an original abstract painting, no matter if it is by a new or unknown artist, it is unique and you are the only owner of it in the world. Also a small factor is that every art is unique, and so you pay some premium for it.

  1. It is a real language, understood by very few. Artist or curators can easily tell the difference between a piece of original art and a painting by an amateur attempting to create an Abstract art.
  2. A real artwork will get a good price for its uniqueness, and for the unique persona of the artist, but it can get millions if the artist becomes famous.
  3. With the unique dynamics of its own it is a business for many. Just like a currency, art as an industry is binding and genuine world-wide.
  4. Understanding art and enjoying them are two different things, the shapes, gestures, forms and hues can trigger all sorts of human emotions, from comic to sex and from sensuality to sorrow.

So whether you are looking for original abstract paintings by new or experienced artists or by famous artists at best price, check them out on as it surely is going to amaze you to an extent of not being able to resist yourself to click on the buy button.

What is Original Artwork and 10 Reasons to buy it!

C:\Users\DELL\Desktop\Picture2.jpg Well if you ever wonder how to add colors to your life and to your walls of thoughts, then artworks and paintings would definitely be on your bucket list. When one feels happy and blessed looking at paintings add to their feelings of happiness and when one feels gloomy, a look at the paintings divert their minds to think over either the abstract paintings hung in front of them or maybe the reason behind the smile of a woman. Art is a feeling and knowing the reason to buy the original handmade paintings by artists you are definitely not going to stop yourself from buying one for you!

Beautiful and Original Art is the topmost thing people consider to decorate their dream house, their offices, and workplaces, as it not only adds positivity to your life but also to those who look at them.

What is the original art or original paintings?

Original art, original paintings or original fine art whatever be it, when it’s prefixed with original it means it the one and only made in this universe, and upon buying it you become its owner of which no one else has a copy! Unlike the prints or paintings produced on a mass by machines, the original handmade paintings take its own time, thoughts and uniqueness to make it complete.

Why buy original paintings?

C:\Users\DELL\Desktop\Picture2.jpg1. Expresses with expressions: –

Directly or Indirectly, surrounding yourself and filling up your empty spaces whether in life or on your walls tells a lot about our personality, feeling the way you are feeling right now and keeping the hope alive in your hearts comes with people or things around you. That’s why keeping and surrounding yourself with beautiful pieces of original artwork helps you regain the strength we need to keep living our lives with a smile.

2. Transports you to a Dream Land: –

Looking at the original paintings and the beliefs behind it helps us to contemplate our existence, it transports our soul in the outer most of the galaxies and universe, or maybe to the places left unexplored by the humans. The power of art is such that it may also teach us to think about others and be generous in all our acts, adding to our cultural and holistic knowledge.

C:\Users\DELL\Desktop\Picture3.jpg3. Helps you to associate your feelings to it: –

Original Paintings by have been made by the artists who carry the same baggage of feelings as the other people. However, they have the power to express it through their art. That’s why admiring the paintings by them helps us revisit our old beautiful moments and re-learning from the mistakes in our past. Its colors help us imagine more vividly and having an association with original art or painting helps us to develop a bond with it, yes, a bond with a painting!

4. A feeling of having unique: –

When we own a painting that’s been made just one it adds to our feeling of luxury and enriches our lives. A mere look at it makes us feel great. It has the power to make you understand the complexes of this world and comprehend the cultural values existing.

5. Never makes you feel alone: –

C:\Users\DELL\Desktop\Picture4.jpg When you have an original painting and have associated your feelings to it, you seem to reconnect with all the good and bad memories of your beautiful life. Your thought processes change when you consider your life as a blessing and having art as your friend with whom you go back to your life and giggle about it and plan about your future. When you are alone and having a sought of conversation with your piece of original art, are you even alone? It thus adds a new member to your family.

6. It acts as an investment: –

An original piece of art never depreciates, no matter if the canvas is 100 years old. By buying an artwork, not only have you supported the monetary strength of the arts communal, but also building a room for your own future treasure. While buying art solely for its market worth is not the best way to amass a collection of original paintings, but being in the know-how of how the artworks are valued in its career would remarkably put you in good stead.

7. The Pleasure of Gifting: – 

While the benefits of keeping an artwork are so wonderful to you, why not gift it to our near and dear ones and make them as happy as you are and shower luck on them! Hence gifting people something that not only has aesthetic values attached to it but is a complete package of emotional and physical well-being would only add to our social stature.

8. The joy of collecting: –

C:\Users\DELL\Desktop\Picture5.jpg Have you ever been in a situation where you have seen your collections grow and feel proud of it? Well, the collection of original artworks is something that speaks for itself. Each different piece has some other story to unfold. And in this enjoyable journey of collecting artworks, you meet the artists and get to hear their small pieces of life, you land up in galleries, searching original artworks online and studios.

9. Acts as a medical pill: –

Sometimes merely sitting in front of the artwork is the best thing you can do to have a sense of mental peace. To stimulate the strings of your brain we can look at the abstract paintings or the modern art and storm our heads to find answers to it the same way we do with our Sudoku puzzles. Thinking abstractly, conceptually or emotionally can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia, soothe our mind to give stress relief, help in having a good night’s sleep.

10. Boosts productivity: –

C:\Users\DELL\Desktop\Picture6.jpg alt="Original Paintings for Sale"
Original Paintings for Sale

The whole thing of the optimistic benefits of living with artworks that have been charted overhead also applies to the corporate and office environments. Sensibly nominated original paintings and sculptures have the potential to benefit the staff and the visitors to our offices. A controlled assortment of pieces hung in a foyer or entry corridor can set the first impression of our offices, and help the clients to feel comfortable. Hung in-office board rooms and the common office areas, original artworks can help staff to think resourcefully and inspires them to give their best leading to high productivity levels. Best galleries will often take part with the office managers or business owners in discussions to conclude what type of artworks would best suit the stature and goals of their company.

And after having digested the best reasons to keep an original artwork with you, we are sure you must be confused as to where to pick one for yourselves.

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