One more feather in the cap of IndiGalleria artist Atul Kishan Gendle.

We feel very proud to share that the artwork of one of the peerless artists of IndiGalleria Atul Kishan Gendle has been selected as the drawing book cover page print of Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. It is worth mentioning that Kokuyo Camlin Ltd is a leading Indian stationery company which was earlier called – Camlin Ltd.

The young artist Atul Kishan Gendle 26, has got the fame in very early age. But his journey so far was not as easy as it looks. Like other Indian parents his parents were also not in favour of his art career. They used to expect something else. But Atul was very keen about his profession. He took the situation as a challenge and faced it confidently.

Atul completed his Masters Degree in 2018. Atul does all type of artwork but loves to work in realism. His work reflects his feelings which comes out in his own style. Little use of primary colour in black & white shaded painting makes his artwork more attractive. He has bagged many prestigious awards for his unique creations.

IndiGalleria congratulates him and wishes all success in the future!


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