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Original Mandala Fine Art For Sale

So if you are here, you have made the correct choice of picking out IndiGalleria to buy original Mandala Arts from emerging and experienced artists of Incredible India. We have a collection of 6 Original Mandala Fine Art For Sale to give you an impeccable shopping experience for home decor, hotel walls, and corporate purposes and for gifting to your loved ones to make them feel the luxury of owning an original handmade Arts. read more..

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$ 939 $ 988(5%) Including GST


Drawing: Mixed Media on Paper
Art by: Deepika Bhansali
Size: 16.5 X 11.7 inch (WxH)

$ 99 Including GST


Drawing: Pen on Paper
Art by: Deepika Bhansali
Size: 12.0 X 12.0 inch (WxH)

$ 371 Including GST

Village Girls

Painting: Oil on Canvas
Art by: Deepika Bhansali
Size: 24.0 X 36.0 inch (WxH)

$ 132 Including GST


Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas Board
Art by: Deepika Bhansali
Size: 12.0 X 12.0 inch (WxH)

$ 132 Including GST


Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas Board
Art by: Deepika Bhansali
Size: 12.0 X 10.0 inch (WxH)

$ 115 Including GST


Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas Board
Art by: Deepika Bhansali
Size: 12.0 X 12.0 inch (WxH)

What is Mandala or Mandala Art?

A cosmic diagram, Mandala that reminds us of our relationship with the infinite, the world that is beyond and within our hearts, body and mind. Mandalas, means "circles" in Sanskrit. These are sacred symbols that are used for performing meditation, prayer, therapy and healing for all age groups. Mandalas have been proven to boost the immune system in clinical studies, reduces the stress and pain, lowers the blood pressure, improves sleep and eases out depression.

In Mandala art, we learn that different ancient symbols have been used for their power as well as their the power of light and shadow, employing numerology, textures, color and enjoying the journey in ascertaining the spiritual energies of different numbers. The mandala circles are surrounded around a middle point, and there are many other figures drawn around them. It is also quite interesting that when a child starts drawing, he also begins it with circles and figures, just as in mandalas, which shows how all this is so connected with the universe.

At present, the artists all over the world are fascinated by the Contemporary Mandala art and are making many creative and adoring paintings based on this style. Sacred mandala is one of the richest visual subject in Tibetan Buddhism. It is a symbolic picture of the universe. It can be depicted on a painting on a wall or scroll, can be created in colourful sands, or in the mind of a very skilled person.

History and religious connection -

Ancient Hindu scriptures show mandalas as an era of creativity where the powerful existence and a symbol of deeper connection with the one-self and the universe at large existed.

Mandalas are also the artistic depictions of Buddhist beliefs and a perfect universe. They're used as a focus tool for the mind in meditation, and give people the religious training, and also serves as a guide for a meditating person to spiritual healing and enlightenment of the universe.

In the basic form of Hinduism Mandalas are squares with four gates circumscribing a circle with a middle point and is also called a Yantra. Each gate is in a simple shape of a T. Mandalas have a radial balance. Many associate Yantras as centralized focus points of Hindu Tantric practice.

Mandalas are very prominent in Buddhism.

The circular designs always contain bilateral (symmetrical on the central axis) and radial (symmetrical around the central point) symmetry.

Different colors in Mandala also depicts behaviour or status of life. Such as WHITE means - Peace & Faith, YELLOW means – Humility, Effort, Restraint, RED means – Power, Memory and Subjugation, BLUE means – Purity, Life and Wisdom, GREEN means – Meditation, BLACK means - Darkness, Anger and Death.

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